Sunday, August 23, 2015

My Indie Publishing Adventure Continues: Five Year Anniversary!!!

Wow. This month marks my five year anniversary as an Indie Author. It's hard to believe I've been self-publishing for that long. Five years. Half a decade. Just wow.

I've been rereading my past anniversary blogposts, smiling at the newbie enthusiasm, the milestones, the writerly moments; commiserating with the bad reviews, the not-so-happy downslides of sales and royalties. It's been a roller-coaster ride, that's for sure.

My sister calls the epublishing revolution: The Ebook Miracle. For years, she watched me submit manuscript after manuscript to editors and agents, only to receive rejections again and again. She said something to the effect: "If they're rejecting Anne Marie's books, there's no use for me to even try."

A sisterly compliment and tribute of the highest kind.  :)

Then in 2010, I got fed up with the whole traditional publishing/ small press routine, and that's when I discovered Kindle Direct Publishing. At long last, there was a way to publish my stories directly to readers. They would decide if my books were good enough. They were the gatekeepers, as they should have been all along. I no longer had to submit and beg for a crumb of attention or validation to this or that editor in New York City.

Readers buying and reading my books, propelling me onto the bestseller lists on Amazon, B&N and Apple gave me all the validation I needed.

And BOOM!!! The Ebook Miracle began.

I've been very lucky and blessed that my stories have found a readership. My sister is now writing and publishing, and she's also found a loyal and dedicated readership.

An Ebook Miracle for both of us indeed.

Rereading those past anniversary blogposts, I'm sad to find I no longer have that newbie enthusiasm. But after five years in this business, I'm a seasoned player. My enthusiasm waxes and wanes very much in sync with the roller-coaster ride of ups and downs that predominates Indie Publishing. As I've said before, it's not for the faint of heart.

This anniversary slipped quietly by with no fan-fare or big celebration. Looking back over the year, thinking I hadn't really accomplish that much, I was happily surprised to discover that I have published two novels, three short stories and one boxed set. Not bad by anyone's standards. Plus, I hosted my two annual BIAM Writathons. And the year's not over by a long shot.

When I'm feeling a little down, I remind myself that the Ebook Miracle makes it possible for me to live my dream: I write my books, I get to share my stories with readers, and I'm able to make a little dab of money from doing what I love. What could be better than that?

Happy Writing!!! Happy Reading!!! Happy Publishing!!!

Anne Marie  :)

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