Saturday, March 28, 2015

Twenty Classic Romance Plots, and How to Use Them

Readers are always looking for stories that are “fresh” and “different,” and writers are always striving to fulfill these demands.

First and foremost, an author’s voice and writing style make his/her stories unique. Second, there are many classic romance plots that appear again and again in popular commercial fiction.  

Writers often combine two or more of these plots and tweak them to create refreshingly different kinds of romance stories.

Here are twenty of the classics in no particular order:
1. Secret Baby
2. Cinderella (rags to riches)
3. Opposites Attract
4. Bodyguard
5. Second chance/Love rekindled (they were once a couple)
6. Reunion (they knew one another, but were not “together”)
7. Stranded (forced proximity)
8. Love Triangle
9. Marriage of Convenience (mail-order bride)
10. Beauty and the Beast
11. Sleeping Beauty/Ugly duckling
12. Amnesia
13. Fish out of water
14. Blackmail/Revenge
15. Forbidden love
16. Mentor/protégé (boss/employee)
17. Princess/Pauper; King/Beggar maid
18. Bad boy/good girl; Bad girl/good boy
19. Best Friends
20. The Road to Adventure

In HER RELUCTANT RANCHER, I combined Opposites Attract, King/Beggar Maid, and Boss/employee.  In TALL DARK AND TEXAN, I combined Bad boy/good girl, Reunion, and Secret Baby with a twist—the “baby” is fifteen years old.

The combinations of the Classic Plots are countless into infinity.  Utilize them to create your own refreshingly different romance stories and your readers will love them.

Happy Reading and Writing!!!

Anne Marie   :)

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