Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy New Year!!! 2014!!!

Time for my annual New Year's post, where I look back at last year's progress and accomplishments, as well as dismal failures, and state my goals for the new year.

Overall, 2013 was a very good year. I tallied up the numbers this morning, not an exact count, but close enough. I sold a little over 91,000 ebooks, 4000 audiobooks, and 200 print books.

Not bad. (Although sales were quite a bit down compared to 2012.)

But the good news is this brought my overall total for 3 1/2 years of self-publishing to 303,000 ebooks sold!!! That is extremely hard for me to believe. That many ebooks is difficult to imagine and comprehend.  I vividly remember back in December 2010 when I was hoping against hope to hit 100 total ebooks sold. I did reach it, and I was SO happy!!! I'm still happy!!!  :)

So, let's look at last year's goals and see how I fared:

1.  Write and publish Tori McCade's story in the Diamondback Ranch Series. YES!!!

2.  Write and publish Marco Defalco's story in the Return to Stone Creek Series. Um . . . no, but I did start my project notebook for the book. So that's something.   :)

 3.  Tweak and publish The Undutiful Duchess Regency novella in the Damsels in Breeches Series. Alas, this is one of my dismal failures. I cannot get that story finished, try as I might. One of these days . . .

4.  Finish releasing the audiobooks. YES!!!

5.  Release all books in POD format. Um . . . no, but I released five of them. That's better than none, right?

6.  Work on The Diamondback Ranch Series blogsite. Not happening. (Yet.) But I did start a Facebook Author Page where some of my readers hangout.

7.  Release two boxed sets. YES!!!

8.  Upgrade the covers for the Return to Stone Creek Series. Um . . . nope. Wait! I did redo one of the covers so it would match the other and be more of a brand. Yay, me!!!

All in all, not too bad. I wrote and released one full novel, two short stories/novelettes (under a new pen name), and two boxed sets. Somehow, that miraculously kept the sales chugging along at a respectable rate.

In addition, I hosted my two annual BIAM Writathons, released four more audiobooks and four POD (print) books.

I also launched a pen name complete with a blog/website, Facebook Author Page and mailing list. More about this later on.

So, what's in store for 2014? Let's look and see:

1.  Write and release Book Six in the Diamondback Ranch Series: Kelsey and Pete's story (+audio and POD).

2.  Write and release Marco Defalco's story (+audio and POD).

3.  Work on new project (SVs), publish and release. (More about this later.)

4.  Write 4 novelettes under pen name, then bundle the six completed stories (last year + this coming year) into two boxed sets.

5.  Continue releasing novels in POD format.

6.  Research and begin to launch foreign translation of novels.

7.  Keep it fun!!!

All rightie then. That should keep me more than busy. I plan to establish deadlines for projects to help with motivation. I bought a nifty calendar and day/planner to help keep track. I also bought a cool retro-timer to help on those days when I just can't seem to sit down (or stand up) and write. I'll work in fifteen minute intervals if I have to, but I'm determined to write more new words this year. I've really been slacking off.

Okay. That's it. I've made this public and hopefully, this will inspire and motivate me to do great things this year.

Here's to a productive and fun-filled 2014!!!

Happy Writing!!!

Anne Marie   :)


Angela said...

Congratulations on everything, Anne. You inspire so many of us. As to those 15 min. intervals... you are always welcome to join J.D Faver and I on YIM for word sprints.

Happy New Year and Creative Blessings! ~Angela

Anne Marie Novark said...

Thanks, Angela.

LOL! I've just emailed JD about joining one of her writing challenges. Like minds and all that!

Happy Writing!!!