Wednesday, November 06, 2013

A Day in the Life of a Working Author

I've had a very busy day today, and I thought I would record all the different things I worked on for posterity's sake. Please note that I didn't actually write any new words. Shame on me.  

Oh well . . .

I woke up early this morning around 6:45 am. This was about an hour earlier than I usually get up, thanks to changing the clocks back this past weekend. I read emails, checked my sales numbers, read a few blogs and Kboards, skimmed Facebook, then ate breakfast. Showered and dressed.

Around 9:15, I sat down at my work computer to finish edits on the short story I'm going to publish under a different pen name. (And no, it is NOT erotica. Quite the opposite, in fact.)

Took a break and checked email. I have a translation deal going, and I had to read the contract and sign it. That in and of itself is super exciting. (More details later.)

My audiobook needed the last of the corrections proofed (listened to), so I worked on that and sent them back.

Started formatting the short story. Had to insert hyperlinks in the front and back matter, and then had to actually MAKE the URL for my new mailing list so I would have a hyperlink. It's always something . . .

Checked email again and the last audiobook correction came back and I had to listen to that. Approved the book and made the payment. THE COWGIRL'S SECRET will be available soon. Stay tuned.

Then I had to tweak the cover for the short story. Tweaked the blurb. Figured out the meta data and keywords.

Right before I went out to dinner, I found out THE DOCTOR WEARS A STETSON finally went free on Amazon. Now the fun begins. My brain is buzzing with strategies. It'll be fun to see how it pans out.

And after all of that, I decided to write this blog post!!!

So if anyone ever tells me self-publishing is the easy way out, I think I'll just smile. Because I know the truth . . .

It's a lot of hard work, but I love it. I'm living my dream!!!

Happy Writing!!!

Anne Marie   :)