Thursday, June 13, 2013

Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Ebooks Sold and Counting!!!

My Self-Publishing Adventure Continues

I hit a very big milestone last week in my Indie Publishing career. I passed the 250k mark in sales. Two hundred and fifty thousand ebooks sold. That's a pretty astonishing number. It's difficult to wrap my brain around that amount.

Two hundred and fifty thousand!!! Wow!!!

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd ever sell that many ebooks. When I started this adventure, I remember hitting one-thousand ebooks sold. I couldn't believe it then, either. And when I hit ten-thousand ebooks sold two months later, my joy knew no bounds.

In August, I will celebrate my third anniversary as an Indie author. During those three years, quite a lot has changed in the publishing landscape. The industry is still in flux, but Indie Publishing is well ensconced. Indie Publishing is here to stay and thrive.

It's hard to grasp the magnitude, the sheer number of ebooks sold around the world; millions of them written and published by Indie authors like myself. Much of the stigma associated with self-publishing has ebbed away. A respectable number of Indie authors are hitting the USA Today and the New York Times Bestseller Lists. WooHoo!!!

The freedom and control that comes with self-publishing is truly liberating, but it isn't easy, by any means. Writing is hard work. Publishing is hard work. Putting out quality books again and again is hard work. But the dividends are awesome.

Every sale is golden. Reaching readers and touching their lives, knowing people are reading and enjoying my books is priceless.

Happy Reading and Writing and Publishing!!!

Anne Marie   :)

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