Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tori and Sam's Story

Well, I'm hard at work writing Tori and Sam's story. This will be Book Five in the Diamondback Ranch Series. I'm having fun finding out their backstory, and I hope readers will find it fun and satisfying, too.

I'm writing this story in two parts. In part one, we get to live through their backstory like it's really happening. We find out how they meet, we're there for their first kiss, etc. We get to find out why Sam ended up in Salt Fork. Part two takes us to the present time, and we see them work through their differences and earn their happy-ever-after.

Lots of good stuff, let me tell you. I don't have a title or a cover yet, but I'm thinking hard and long. Here's hoping for a Summer 2013 release!!!

Happy Reading!!!

Anne Marie   :)


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh im so excited!! I just finished The Cowboy surrenders and was sad knowing there were only 2 more books to read! Im soo excited now to know there is another in the works!! Love love this series!

Darlene said...

Just finished Lone Star Heartbreaker. OMG. What a good series. Loved all four in the Diamondback series so far and am waiting impatiently for Tori's story. Thank you Anne Marie Novark. I read a lot and I can honestly say this is the first series that I have read all the way through. Many times I have bought the whole series of other authors but could not bring myself to finish them . Most of them are repetitious after you read one or two. Your Diamonback series are awesome and different. And I love how you weave the family in all the stories. Love them. Thank you. Keep up the good writing.

AnneMarie Novark said...

I just want to say to Anonymous and Darlene:

Thank you both for the kind words. Knowing that readers like you are enjoying my books warms my heart.

I'm still working hard on Tori and Sam's story. Still shooting for a late summer release.

If you haven't already, please sign up for my New Release Mailing List (on the home page of this blog or my website) to make sure you find out when Tori's book goes live.

Happy Reading!!!