Monday, August 13, 2012

Writerly Moments

Being a writer certainly has its moments. I think being an Indie Author has even more writerly moments, because when a writer publishes directly to the readers, he/she wears many different hats.

This past weekend was a prime example. I've been an Indie Author for two years now. The second book I published was THE DOCTOR WEARS A STETSON. This book has done extremely well and it's the first book in my Diamondback Ranch Series. Readers love this series. I do, too.

So now I'm venturing out into audiobooks and print books. I want to make my books available across as many different platforms as possible. Choosing narrators for my books has been an adventure in and of itself. I was lucky to find the perfect narrator for my Regencies; finding narrators for my Contemporary Westerns has been a little more difficult.

Yes, they're set in Texas and yes, the people have a Southern accent, but writing a Southern accent and speaking it are two different animals. I didn't like how the accents sounded, so I requested Mainstream American accents, and after many auditions I finally found good matches.

I also didn't want to format for print again, so I found someone to format for me at a very reasonable price. (More on that later.)

Anyway, back to writerly moments. Over this past weekend, I had to proof-listen to the first fifteen minutes of THE DOCTOR WEARS A STETSON. I also had to "proof" the galleys for the new CreateSpace version.

What I think is super cool is this book went live over two years ago. It's sold very well and is still selling. But what a coincidence that I was having to proof the audio version and the print version on the same day.

I love writerly moments. Just wanted to share.

AM   :)

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