Thursday, August 09, 2012

Now Available in Audio: To His Lady's Rescue

My Indie Adventure Continues 

Another writerly moment to celebrate today. I'm happy to announce my first audiobook is now available for sale. You can find To His Lady's Rescue at, Amazon and iTunes.

Arranging and contracting the making of an audiobook has been an exciting learning adventure. Thank goodness, there's ACX where authors, narrators and producers can hook up and work together. Finding the perfect narrator is a difficult undertaking.

With that being said, it never ceases to amaze me how serendipity sometimes plays an intregal part in my life and decision-making process. It certainly played an important part in helping me to find the most awesome narrator for my first audiobook project.

Here's how it happened:

My husband was talking to a coworker, and somehow the conversation turned toward what I did for a living. James told her I was an author and how I published on Kindle and Nook, and that I was wanting to make my books available in audio. Well, this woman said she had a good friend who did voice-over work and narrations for a living. 

And that's how I got in touch with the fabulously talented Pearl Hewitt and VoiceNeeds. We exchanged emails and she auditioned for me on ACX. From the first moment I heard Pearl's voice reading my story, I knew I had found the perfect narrator for my Regency Romances. As I sat listening, I was enthralled in the story and couldn't believe I had actually written the text. Pearl made the story come alive and because she had experience with working through ACX, she helped me through every step in the process.

A cool thing about working with Pearl is that she lives fairly close to where I live. When we finished our book, we met for a celebratory luncheon. And since we'd exchanged emails, texted, talked on the phone and worked on the project together, it didn't take very long at that first meeting to feel like we'd known each other forever.  That really made this first audio venture extra special for me.

Making audiobooks is a team effort. When you find the right narrator for your story, you have to give up a little of the control and trust the professionals to do their job. If you've chosen well, they will make your work sound brilliant.

Happy Listening!!!

Anne Marie  :)


Judy Nickles/Gwyneth Greer said...

You continue to blow me away, Anne Marie--and you've inspired me to dip my toe in the waters of indie publishing. Just finished rewriting #6 of my six-book cozy mystery series, so now I'm ready to get down to business, learning how to pub. No illusions that it will be easy, but I'm up for it!

AnneMarie Novark said...

All right, Judy!!!

I'm so glad you're going to finally make the leap. Good luck!!!

Sylvia said...

Very impressed and I am considering taking this step. I've taken the step for Indie publishing and next is going to be createspace books and then audio. Scary but an exciting time for authors.

AnneMarie Novark said...

Yes indeed, Sylvia. Good for you for jumping on the bandwagon. I'm also working on getting my books on CreateSpace.

It's an awesome time to be a writer!!!

Good luck with your Indie Adventure!!!