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How to Insert a Hyperlink into an MS Word Doc

Techno-tips for the Techno-Challenged

In this new paradigm of publishing, many authors (myself included) format their own documents to upload to Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, Apple iTunes and All Romance eBooks, just to name a few. There are a myriad of small details to tend to before Word documents are ready for prime time.

Back matter in ebooks can include the author's website, blog, Author pages, mailing lists, and probably the most important: Clickable links to buy the author's other books at each of the respective retailers.

Inserting hyperlinks in Word documents isn't difficult once you learn a couple of tricks. Once again, my instructions are for MS Word 2008 on an Apple machine. You will need to adjust the directions to whichever version of MS Word you use.

So, say you're formatting a book for Kindle. After the last sentence of the story, you might want to say something like this:


For more books by Anne Marie Novark,
Go to
1.  To make a live hyperlink for readers, first get online and link to your Author Central page (you have one, don't you?) or search for your books on Amazon and locate the page where all of your works are listed on Kindle.

2.  Copy the web address located in the long "box" showing the URL (highlight the web address, right click and choose Copy).

3.  Go back to your Word document and highlight ""

4.  Go to the top tool bar where it says File, Edit, View, Insert, etc. and click on Insert.

5.  Choose Hyperlink from the drop-down box.

6.  In the pop-up window, "" should be in the Display box.

7.  In the pop-up window, place the cursor in the Link to box.

8.  Press Command (or Control) V. (Right clicking and pasting will not work.)

9.  The web address to your books at Amazon will appear in the Link to box.

10. Press OKAY, and you will have a live hyperlink to your list of books at the end of your ebook.


Of course, it goes without saying: You don't want to link to B&N at the back of the Kindle Edition or vice versa.

It's also better IMO, not to provide live links to your books in the Smashwords Edition since that version will be sent to other distributors. I do link to my website, but I just list the titles of my other works in the back matter on Smashwords.

Yes, this takes a bit more time and effort when you're publishing your ebooks. But providing hyperlinks to your back list will make it easier for readers to find and read more of your books.

Happy Publishing!!!

AM   :)

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