Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year!!! 2012!!!

Wow!!! 2012!!! Can you believe? If 2011 is anything to judge the publishing and writing industry by, 2012 promises to be that much and more. We're in the midst of a revolution and evolution, and change for some is hard to comprehend and hard to swallow. But for others, change is something to hitch a ride on and embrace whole-heartedly. And what a ride it's been!!!

Looking back at my 2011 goals, it seems I missed a couple, but surpassed the others:

1.  Get back into the daily writing habit.
This is something that still needs work.
2.  Tweak and publish three novels.
Actually, I tweaked and published five novels and one novella.
3.  Write and finish two novellas and publish.
I wrote one novella and four short stories.
4.  Blog more.
Still need to work on this one.

In addition, I hosted my two annual writathons (April Madness and October Obsession) and gave two workshops, plus helped several writers to self-publish their stuff. 

It's been a busy year. All together, I published twelve products ranging from short stories, novels, novellas and an anthology. So all together, I now have fifteen products for sale on many different sites.

And as incredible as it sounds, I sold over 60,000 books this past year. Considering I was hoping to reach the 100 total sales mark last December (2010), the amount of books I've sold is mind-boggling.

Here are my 2012 Writing Goals:

1.  Work on my output and daily writing pages.

2.  Finish my Regency novella and publish by February 14th.

3.  Start and finish Tyler McCade's story in my Diamondback Ranch Series and publish.

4.  Write four short stories and publish individually and in a bundle.

5.  Upgrade all my novel and novella covers.

6.  Upload all my novels and novellas on ARe.

7.  Investigate other platforms and sites on which to sell my ebooks.

8.  Blog more.  *grin*

Here's wishing everyone a safe and Happy New Year!!!

Happy Writing and Reading!!!

AM   :)


E. Ayers said...

I think you've had a marvelous and an amazing year.

In 2011, I published 4 novellas (A Fine Line, Mariners Cove*, A Skeleton at Her Door, and A Snowy Christmas in Wyoming*) Two of those novellas (*)were written during your BIAM sessions. I also managed to put out three of my River City novels. (Wanting, A New Beginning, and A Challenge)

My goal this year is to write the two novels that are stuck in my brain begging for keyboard time. (The one couple is quite peeved with me over not getting their story down. Yes, the voices talk to me and I talk back!) I'm also planning two more novellas during your BIAM sessions. And I have lots of polishing that needs to be done. I'd really like to get at least three of my completed novels published.

The bad part of my lofty goals is having enough time to do any of them. Since returning to my previous work schedule after an almost 10 month hiatus, I've discovered that I can't cram it all in. So I suspect that I might have to tweak my goals to match my limited time. Darn it!

Indie publishing has become my Lorelei. Exciting and full of dangers, it's a shipwreck waiting to happen if it is not properly navigated. She calls my name and begs for my next book before it's ready. I won't let her have it!

Yet, being captain of my own ship is wonderful. I love the control and being able to do what I love. I thank you for giving me the map and showing me the ropes.

A toast to Anne Marie and her quiet leadership. May 2012 smile upon us and fill our sails!

AnneMarie Novark said...

Thanks, E!!!

You've had an amazing year, too.

Here's to an even better 2012!!!