Monday, November 21, 2011


Happy Monday!!! I thought I'd post a picture of a deer out in the yard at the family farm up in the Texas Panhandle. My brother took this picture. Pretty cool, huh?

We won't be going to the farm this Thanksgiving. First time in years. But we're still getting together at my mom's house and I'm sure fun will be had by all. I hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving!!!

Here are my writing goals for the week:

*  Work on another Texas Two Steps Short Story.

*  Work on Regency Novella

*  Format and publish one of Mother's stories.

*  Eat lots of turkey!!!

Happy Writing!!!

AM   :)


Lynda Chance said...

Awesome picture! I'm amazed your brother only shot that with a camera! I've never seen a nicer barn. Bet those were some HOT COWBOYS that built it, right?

AnneMarie Novark said...


Amazing, right???

E. Ayers said...

I don't want a goal for this week. I think I'm taking it off. I doubt my muse will allow that. But I did manage in a week's time to get two books out. A Challenge which is my 3rd River City novel and A Snowy Christmas in Wyoming.

Ever fall in love with your heroes? I find when I release them that they are no longer mine and they truly belong to the heroine. I just gave up two wonderful guys in the same week!

I need to edit a book for a friend, I have a novel which is not a River City that is almost ready to go and a Valentine's story. Hmm, what do I do? LOL Take the week off and clean my house! I don't even have to cook a Thanksgiving meal. I'm going to my daughter's and she swears I don't need to bring a thing.

Hope your family and all of your readers have a great Thanksgiving!
E. Ayers