Monday, September 12, 2011

BICHOK Forever!!!

It's Monday again. Haven't posted a BICHOK blog in a while. Now, that doesn't mean I haven't been writing. I have. I finished the Regency novella and published it. Now I'm working on another Texas Two Steps short story. My goal is to get several of these up and then bundle them. So far, the stories have been contemporary, but I'm thinking about doing a few Texas Two Steps Historicals. Might be interesting, right?

So here are my writing goals for this week:

*  Write to the 2/3rds mark in my short story (or more).

*  Send out BIAM announcements for October Obsession 2011.

*  Print out Saturday's workshop talk and handouts.

*  Practice for Saturday's workshop at Boomerang Books (12-2pm).

That should keep me busy for the week.

Happy Writing!!!

AM   :)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

New Release: The Viscount's Surprise

The Viscount's Surprise is the second installment in my Damsels in Breeches series. I really enjoyed writing this book. It made me laugh out loud at some places and cry at others. This little novella is a fun Regency Romp, and although I didn't set out to write it sweet, somehow the story called for more of a Traditional Regency style. There's delicious sexual tension and sometimes less is more. I hope the story provides a satisfying and enjoyable read for Regency Romance fans.

Here's the blurb:

Philomena Wheeler has been living a lie for the past twelve years. After her mother dies, she pretends to be a boy so she can work in Lady Hembrough's stables alongside her beloved papa. When she's promoted to the position of groom, her father thinks it's time to call a halt to the dangerous masquerade and wants to send Phil to his sister in York to learn to be a girl again.

Viscount Hembrough pays a rare visit to his mother in London. He's looking for a new groom and hires Phil for a one-month trial period before he returns to his horse-breeding estate in the wilds of Ireland. Under the mistaken belief that she's a he, the viscount takes Phil on a trip to inspect a promising stallion for his stables.

Will Phil be able to guard her secret while traveling with the handsome viscount? And more importantly, will she be able to guard her heart against a forbidden love?

And here's the excerpt:

Anthony held the door open for Phil to pass through. She kept her eyes downcast and her cheeks were pale. Her clothes had almost dried from the drenching she'd received in the rain, but she still had the look of a drowned kitten with her short auburn hair curling wildly about her head. Thank God, the innkeeper accepted her as the urchin she appeared to be.

Anthony placed his hat and gloves on the table in the middle of the room and waited.

Phil stood near the fire, and after the door closed behind the innkeeper, she turned to face Anthony. "Well, my lord? You wished to speak to me?"

He had to admire the girl's courage. She'd successfully hidden her true identity for years, and she must suspect that he'd discovered her secret, yet seemed determined to play it through to the end. "The game's up, my dear Phil. But your name is obviously not Phillip as I had supposed. What is it?"

Her green eyes widened and that damned chin lifted a notch. "Philomena, my lord."

Slowly, Anthony walked toward the fireplace. "Well then, Philomena--"


Happy Reading!!!

Anne Marie   :)