Monday, August 01, 2011

BICHOK Forever!!! Comparing 2006 Writing Goals to My Present Day Goals

I'm getting ready to treat my house to a deep cleaning. I'm going to spend a little of my hard-earned book money on a professional maid service. Since I'm now seriously writing again and spending hours at the computer, my house is not getting cleaned by me. And a dirty house weighs me and my muse down.

That said, naturally I have to "clean" before the cleaning ladies come. No, I'm not going crazy. But they can't sort through piles of papers and junk. And they can't clean with those piles everywhere, so I enlisted hubby's help and we're sorting through some of the mess.

Which leads me to the gist of this post. I came across a list I'd made back in 2006. I'm a great list maker. The list is on the back of an envelope and it's entitled Writing Goals.

Wow! How different that list reads compared to my Monday BICHOK lists.

Here's a sample of what I was working on five years ago when I was pursuing traditional publishing:

*  Finish tweaking CHASING THE MOONLIGHT
*  Send it to Harlequin
*  Enter the Emily Contest
*  Enter the Golden Heart.
*  Enter the Harlequin American Contest
*  Submit to Samhain
*  Take online class
*  Plan website

I was just starting to enter contests back then and didn't really enter that many. I never could justify the expense. Although, I did get a couple of requests from editors and finaled in a few, nothing ever came of it.

What a difference a few years makes!!! Now I'm writing and publishing my stories and finding readers. I LOVE it!!!

Here are my writing goals for this week:

*  Finish writing short story (see, I didn't even write short stories or novellas back then. Not much of a market in 2006.)
*  Tweak it and send to beta readers
*  Get ready to publish it
*  Add blurbs and clickable links to published books
*  Finish article for newsletter
*  Practice making book covers on PowerPoint
*  Tweak Regency novella
*  Start new story

You can see right off there are fundamental differences between the two lists.  I had no control over most of the items on the first list; success was left up to chance. The second list emphasizes the empowerment Independent/Self-publishing gives me. I'm in control. I have the power and success depends completely on me. Kind of scary. And exciting.

Oh yes. It's a great time to be an author!!!

Happy Writing!!!

AM   :)


Skhye said...

Congrats on getting a maid. You've reached the level of author I want to reach. ;) I'm so jealous!

AnneMarie Novark said...

LOL Skhye!!!

Get your backlist out and I'm sure you'll reach an even higher level than me.

dragonfly said...

Hi Anne Marie,
Last weekend, I had an unexpected overnight guest so I had to do a frantic clean up. I ended up dumping all that paper into a big plastic bin because I didn't have time to sort it. Now I pass that bin and feel guilty for not facing it. Eeeeek!!! Need shredder!
Love your new goals. I've been following your path and have 4 indie-published novels and polishing the rest. A writer's work is never done.
~June (J.D.) Faver

AnneMarie Novark said...

Hehehe, June.

I see your books all over the place. So much more fun having them out there than sitting at home on the hard drive.