Monday, July 18, 2011

BICHOK Forever!!!

 I'm having a difficult time getting started this Monday morning. I really need to buckle down and get some writing done on The Viscount's Surprise. I'm heading into the final act and transitions are always hard for me. I know how I want the book to end, it's just the getting there that can freeze me in my tracks.

Here are my weekly writing goals:

*  Get to page 85 on Regency novella.

*  Start Yahoo email loop.

*  Start formatting Mother's sci-fi.

*  Add links and blurbs to my Regencies and resubmit to Kindle, Nook and Smashwords.

*  Look into joining Operation Ebook Drop.

That should keep me busy.  *grin*

Hope everyone has a great week!!!

Happy Writing!!!

AM   :)


E. Ayers said...

Waving a big, blazing HOT hello across a few states. My goal for this week? Re-write my third River City novel. Yes, re-write. It's more than an edit. It needs help, serious help, and I'm not going to send my readers anything that isn't my best work. Groaning over the size of this task.

The good news is my second River City (A New Beginning) is with my editor and should be back to me this week. I'll jump right on that. With a little luck it'll be out the beginning of August.

Do I have to clean my house? That is such an annoying chore! It gets in the way of my writing. LOL

AnneMarie Novark said...

LOL E!!!

I know all about re-writes. Argh!!!

I sure need to clean my house. I'm seriously thinking about dynamite.