Monday, June 13, 2011

Tall Dark and Texan

I'm happy to announce the re-release of the last book in my back list. TALL DARK AND TEXAN was previously published as Chasing the Moonlight by The Wild Rose Press. I originally wanted to title it Tall Dark and Texan, but at the last minute changed my mind. This is my bad boy book. It also has the girl next door and a secret baby plot with a twist. The story is set in the small town of Stone Creek, Texas. Beth, Trevor and Maggie from Her Reluctant Rancher make a cameo appearance.

Here's the blurb:

Former bad boy Mitch Defalco roars into Stone Creek, Texas, on the back of a Harley with his newly discovered daughter riding behind him. Single mom Sarah Cooper cannot believe he's moved in next door.  She had a secret crush on him years ago when he dated her older sister back in high school.

As Mitch tackles the responsibilities of fatherhood, Sarah admires the way he's turned his life around. She asks him to help her with a personal problem: Her fear of men. Mitch knows he's bad news for sexy Sarah, but how can he refuse her dangerous request, when she's determined to move forward with or without his help?

And here's the excerpt:

Mitch didn't wait for permission. He moved in closer, touching his lips to hers, pressing gently, letting them both get a feel for the other. He'd sworn he wasn't going to kiss Sarah Cooper, but sitting next to her on the swing like this, she was a temptation he had no power to resist.

For a minute, she didn't respond and he worried that he'd overstepped his welcome. Then her lips trembled beneath his, and she exhaled a soft sigh. When he heard the little moan in the back of her throat, he put his arms around her and pulled her forward.

Mitch deepened the kiss, taking it to the next level, swiping his tongue against her lips. She opened for him, tilting her head for better access and he slid inside her mouth. She tasted of chocolate and vanilla and the sweet essence of Sarah . . .

Happy Reading!!!

Anne Marie  :)


E. Ayers said...

Whoa, I must get that one! Who doesn't like a man in a pair of boots?

I've been crazy busy this week, like an attention deficit child who is trying to do sixteen things at once. Mariner's Cove is doing very well and has received several accolades. That's the story I wrote during your BIAM. Woohoo!

It really means so much to us as authors when readers tell us how much they've enjoyed our books. I really don't think they realize how excited we get. We put a book out there because we like what we've done and then we cross our fingers and hope the public likes it, too.

My butt has been glued to the chair trying to do revisions and edits to my two River City novels which (with luck) should be released in July & Aug.

Raising my glass to my wonderful mentor who has braved the net and opened doors.

AnneMarie Novark said...

Awww, thanks E.

You are so right about hearing from readers who have enjoyed our books.

I am only now starting to get fan mail, and it ROCKS!!!

Glad to hear your BIAM book is doing well!!!

This is such a great time to be a writer!!!