Monday, March 21, 2011

To His Lady's Rescue

 I'm pleased to announce the release of my Regency novella TO HIS LADY'S RESCUE!!!  It's the first in my series Damsels in Britches. I wanted to try my hand at the shorter stories and I believe Bella and Gilbert's story is a fun fast-paced read. Warning: This is not a sweet Traditional Regency. Oh no. It's a sexy little Regency Romp. Enjoy!!!

Here's the blurb:

As children, Arabella Trent and Gilbert St. John were best of friends. Wherever he led, she happily followed. Their friendship held fast until Gilbert went off to fight Napoleon and Bella stayed home. Years passed and their youthful camaraderie faded to pleasant memory.

Now Gilbert is home from the wars and Bella needs his help. From the moment she climbs in his bedroom window, he knows he's in trouble. Can this beautiful desirable young lady be the same hoydenish friend from his childhood? Can Gilbert rescue Bella from her desperate circumstances even if it means . . . marriage?

And here's the excerpt:

With both hands on the broad shoulders, Arabella shook with all her might. "Gilbert St. John! Wake up this instant!"

Strong arms clasped around her middle and pulled her down on top of the hard body under the sheet. "I'm awake, love. How about a kiss?"

She tried to push away. "Let go of me, you big oaf! You don't want to kiss me. I'm not one of your bits of muslin." She wiggled and pushed, and wiggled again.

Gilbert grabbed hold of her wrists, and rolled over, reversing their positions. "Just one kiss. One kiss, love. That's all I want."

Before she could protest, Arabella found herself being passionately kissed like she'd never been kissed in her whole life. Of course, she'd never actually been kissed at all. It was a sad reflection, really. She was twenty-two years old and practically on the shelf.

She surrendered to the onslaught of Gilbert's kiss. Just a few seconds more, then she would call a halt. Maybe another second . . . the sensation was pleasurable. No, that didn't describe what she was feeling. She shouldn't be feeling anything, because this was Gilbert for goodness sakes.  The pressure of his mouth on hers was making her melt inside. And a warmth in her stomach began to flame into something bigger, stronger . . . 


Happy Reading!!!

Anne Marie   :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How to Take a Screen Shot

Techno Tips for the Techno-Challenged

Ha! I bet you thought I was going to show a screen shot of my book rankings, didn't you? Well, maybe later in the post. *grin*

Taking screen shots is a really cool way to capture the moment on your computer screen. Kind of like one of those old Kodak moments, only now it's a Cyber moment. 

And since I work on a Mac and I'm still a Techno-Klutz,  I'll give detailed instructions for Mac (since this is what I learned to do) and I'll provide links at the end for PC users.

Here's how to take screen shots on a Mac:

Entire Screen Shot:

1.  Press the Command and Shift keys down at the same time. Hold.

2.  Press the Number 3 key. 

3.  Release.

For example:

Partial Screen Shot:

1.  Press the Command and Shift keys down at the same time. Hold.

2.  Press the Number 4 key. Release.

3.  Using your mouse,  draw a rectangle around the desired portion of the screen.

4. Release.

On your desktop, you will see the screen shot saved as a Picture1.png file. If you want to rename it, go to file and save as and name it accordingly. You can also save it as a JPG file at this time.

For example:

Here are two links showing how to take screen shots on a PC:


So, there you have it. How to take screen shots in a nutshell. Have fun capturing those important Cyber Moments.

Happy Writing!!!

Anne Marie   :)

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Spring is in the Air!!!

Here's a picture of the pear tree in our back yard. A few days ago it was white with blossoms, then we had brisk winds and they fell to the ground. It looked like snow under the tree.

I've been working in the yard with my dh, pulling weeds and mowing a little. We have an acre here in the middle of the city and it takes a lot of mowing and weeding to keep it in shape. Can't mow it all right now, because we have a "crop" of clover growing for the bees. Hubby's a beekeeper, you know. I'll be glad when I can mow the whole yard. *grin*

I'm trying to motivate myself to get in the mood for spring cleaning. The house sure needs it. But all I want to do is get my writing life "organized."

This indie publishing takes quite a bit of work, but I think when I get things in place, it will take off on its own. I'm signing up for a few forums to post about my book releases and learning to navigate them is a learning curve all in itself. I'm weeding out things that I don't use like MySpace. I'm rethinking Facebook, too.

I hit two big milestones yesterday:

* I've now sold over 2000 ebooks since August!!!

* I sold 1000 ebooks between Feb. 6 - March 6!!!

And I've sold 365 books the first week in March!!! So you see why I'm more motivated to get my writing life situated than I am to clean house. I want to get all my ducks in a row so I can get to writing more books and get them out there.

On another note: I asked for and received my reversion of rights from my small publisher for HER RELUCTANT RANCHER and CHASING THE MOONLIGHT. I have to wait sixty days before I can re-release them. I have to tweak them a little, reformat them, make new covers and upload them to Kindle, Nook and Smashwords.

Life is good . . .

Happy Writing!!!

Anne Marie   :)