Thursday, January 13, 2011

Adam's Temptation

Here's my newest release!!! I really enjoyed writing this book. It's Beauty and the Geek set in a lighthouse. Adam is a brainiac professor and Megan is smart and ambitious and matches her wits against his.  And for the first time in my writing career, the setting took on a personality of its own and actually became a character and played an important part in the climax of the story. How cool is that?

Here's the blurb:

Millionaire professor, Adam Brant is hiding from life. When his broken engagement is plastered all over the papers and tabloids, he retreats to the only place he's ever felt he belonged--his late grandmother's lighthouse in Briny Cove, Florida. He vows to live in seclusion away from nosy reporters, money-hungry women and people who can't accept him for who he is.

Ambitious wanna-be journalist, Megan O'Conner is stuck in Briny Cove, living with her family, struggling to finish her degree and working odd jobs. When she finds out the new tenant in the old lighthouse is Adam Brant, Megan believes she's found her ticket out. But as she becomes better acquainted with the sexy professor, everything changes. Will she choose the exclusive story or the man who has stolen her heart?

And here's the excerpt:

Megan stayed where she was and gazed out at the water. "The view is awesome. You can see for miles. It's so beautiful up here."

Adam joined her, keeping his distance as he stood near the windows. Whatever had just happened between them had left him shaken and trembling with need. He had to get Megan O'Conner out of the lighthouse and back to the mainland as quickly as possible.

"Are you ready to go now?" he asked her quietly.

She turned toward him and smiled. "You trying to get rid of me?"

"Yes." If he didn't, he might do something foolish. Like kiss her. And then what?

Megan's smile faded. She looked at him out of solemn eyes and nodded. "Then I guess it's time I left." She headed toward the door.

Adam caught her arm and twirled her around to face him. "Don't come back to the lighthouse, Megan. I don't want you here."

She lifted that damnable chin of hers. "I don't believe you mean that, Adam Brant." She grinned and disappeared down the stairwell.

Her words and smile ignited a powerful exhilaration inside Adam's chest, and at that precise moment, he knew he was in trouble. Very deep trouble.

Adam's Temptation
by Anne Marie Novark


Happy Reading!!!
Anne Marie  :)

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Elizabeth Pina said...

Fascinating and totally awesome! Congratulations on such huge sales and you're making more money than many other authors (me included, LOL) are these days - all by yourself! How many words are your stories and do you think there is a preferred story length right now?