Saturday, October 02, 2010

The Doctor Wears A Stetson

Another release day!!! Another new book!!! The Doctor Wears A Stetson is live on Kindle and Smashwords and coming soon in paperback from Lulu!!! The Doctor Wears A Stetson is a Contemporary Western Romance set in the Texas Panhandle.

Here's the blurb:

Jessie Devine can rebuild an engine blindfolded, but when it comes to men, she's all thumbs. When it comes to Cameron McCade, it's even worse. He stole her heart in high school, then left town for good. Now he's back and sparks are flying. Can they take up where they left off? Can Jessie risk her heart again? Repairing cars is no problem, but taming Cameron's restless spirit is something else entirely.

And here's the excerpt:

The atmosphere sizzled in the small office. Jessie stood like a statue, her eyes opened wide. "Why did you come back?" Her raspy voice held a note of accusation.

Cameron also heard anguish in her words. Was he causing Jessie pain? When all he wanted was to hold her in his arms, take her to bed and make love to her until the passion between them was spent?
In two long strides, he was beside her. She backed against the file cabinet. He stepped closer.

"You know why I'm back. We need to finish what we started seventeen years ago." He touched a finger to her cheek, traced the smooth line of her jaw, eased his hand behind her neck and pulled her to him. Her trembling intensified and she put her hands on his chest as if to ward him off.

He caught her hands and moved them over his heart. "Feel my heartbeat, Jess. It's beating for you." He pressed his body against hers. "Feel how much I want you. I tried to stay away, but God help me, I couldn't."

His mouth claimed hers in fierce desire. Jessie moaned, holding back only for a second, knowing deep down resistance was hopeless.

She couldn't help it . . . she kissed him back.


Remember:  Life's too short not to love a Texan!!!

Happy Reading!!!

AM  :)


Debra St. John said...

Ah, any man in a Stetson gets me going.

Sounds like a great read. Congrats on the new release. I wish you many sales!

AnneMarie Novark said...

Thanks, Debra!!!

Judy said...

Oh, wow, AnneMarie--you're moving on here! Love the cover, love the excerpt, love that you're not letting any grass grow under your feet! Congrats!