Monday, May 10, 2010



It's that time again!!!  Monday morning . . . the beginning of a new week.  A clean slate.  Time to start fresh.  Time to make new goals.

My writing goals for this week:

*  Keep up with the online class I'm teaching.

*  Finish updating blog.

*  Read through hard copy of galleys and make necessary changes.

*  Write new blurb.

*  Design cover.

*  Begin formatting ms for Smashwords.

Here's to a great week!!!

Happy Writing!!!

AM   :)


Debra St. John said...

Ah, yes, Monday again.

I'm telling you, with how busy life has been, I'd just like the chance to get some writing done. Any writing.

Marie Tuhart said...

Well, it's Monday again.

This week I will get back to writing at least 1 page a day, and exercise at least 3 times this week.

AnneMarie Novark said...


I hope you get something written this week!!! Good luck!!!

AnneMarie Novark said...


Good luck with writing one page/day!!! And the exercise is a great idea!!!

I really need to exercise, too!!! Thanks for the reminder . . .