Monday, April 12, 2010



On the April Madness writers' loop, someone posted the addendum TAM to BICHOK, and I really like it.  BUTT IN CHAIR, HANDS ON KEYBOARD, TYPE AWAY MADLY!!!

Yes!!!  We are writers, therefore we should write.  No more excuses.  Let's get some wordage down this week.  Are you with me?

My writing goals for the week:

*   Put the last tweak on Jessie's story.

*   Find blurb and excerpt.

*  Write one page on new novella.

*  Install Snow Leopard on iMac.

*  Update blog and website (a never-ending chore).

*  Promo for Blogmania.

Have a good week and Happy Writing!!!

AM   :)


Marie Tuhart said...

It's Monday again!

My only goal for this week is to get some edits done on WIP #2

AM, Mom is doing better, had a bit of a problem with the meds, but doctor cleared that up today, thank goodness.

AnneMarie Novark said...


Glad to hear your mother is doing better.

Good luck with the edits on WIP #2!!!