Friday, March 26, 2010

TGIF: Check In!!!


Friday again!!!  How did everyone's week go?

I had a pretty good one.  Got a lot of editing done on the older manuscript.  Starting to get it in shape to submit.

I updated my website and blog, sort of.  Still needs updating.  It's a never ending project, isn't it?

Still need to post reviews on Amazon and B&N.

I worked on a little side project this week, too.  Made a bound booklet on writing lessons to have on hand when I start presenting programs to libraries and book clubs.  I reminded myself of when I was a little kid.  I have always liked "making" books.  I guess some people never grow up.  *smiles*

Happy Writing!!!

AM   :)


Judy said...

What do you MEAN 'check in'? This is NOT it? Okay, so it is.

So, yes! I've spent most of the week devoted to thesecretproject.

BUT--both my books--'Where Is Papa's Shining Star' and 'Finding Papa's Shining Star' are available for pre-order, so I've also been working on getting promo materials organized and ready to go when I have BOTH books in hand.

Also, getting ready to submit blue diamond thingy, now known as "The Legacy of Diamond Springs".

Marie Tuhart said...

I didn't do too bad. Read/edited the WIP to get back into the story. Finished all the contest entries today and sent them back. So I have my goals done.

Great going AM.

Judy, can't wait to read your Blue diamond book. Glad your read to submit it.

Have a great weekend.

AnneMarie Novark said...

Congrats on the pre-order status of your two books, Judy!!! It's such a thrill to hold them in your hands!!!

AnneMarie Novark said...

Way to go, Marie!!!