Monday, March 29, 2010



Happy Monday morning!!!  Hope everyone survived the weekend!!!  Hubby and I helped our daughter move.  Whew!!!  What a job!!!  But we had good weather and good luck and now she's getting settled in the cutest little house.

My writing goals for the week:

*  Get through one half of final polish/tweak of manuscript.

*  Write synopsis.  (ugh!)

*  Post reviews on Amazon and B&N and TWRP. (I was supposed to do this last week)

*  Order toner cartridge for printer.

Here's to a productive week for all of us!!!

Happy Writing!!!

AM   :)


Marie Tuhart said...

Monday's get here way too fast. Yesterday spent a hour on the phone with Java trying to get my Java fixed after a brower upgrade, thankfully it's fixed.

This weeks goals:

1. Read and critique ms for critique group

2. Read input from critique group on my next book - they finished reading the whole thing in a week such great gals.

3. Write the synopis (I'm there with you on the Ugh factor AM)

4. Exercise - I'm becomming such a slug.

Have a great week.

Judy said...


AnneMarie Novark said...


Glad you got the Java fixed. Good luck on reaching your goals. I commiserate with you over the synopsis. Double Ugh!!!

AnneMarie Novark said...

LOL Judy!!!