Monday, March 15, 2010



Butt in chair; hands on keyboard!!!  You would think I could follow my own advice, wouldn't you?  But NOOOOOOO!!!  I must do better!!!  I WILL do better!!!

This week's writing goals:

*  Write 3 pages on WIP.

*  Attend RWA Chapter meeting.

*  Update profiles/author accounts on Amazon, B&N, and TWRP.  I need to put reviews and add meta tags to help facilitate sales. 

*  Begin "advertising" for the April Madness 2010 BIAM Writathon!!!

Let's hope this week is a successful writing week for us all.

Happy Writing!!!

AM   :)


Judy said...

All right, okay, so it's Monday yet AGAIN!

1) revise at least 5 chapters of the blue diamond thingy
2) submit a story for an anthology
3)make a decision on whether to keep working on novel revisions or concentrate on shorter pieces for $$

Alas--so much to write, so little time. And I'm packing and doing some touch-ups around here, too, just in case...

Good writing to all! Anne Marie, you're keeping me on my toes!

Marie Tuhart said...

I'm a day late :)

Had family visiting including a 3 1/2 year old - I forgot how a little one could tire one out.

This week I will:

1) Market research
2) Input my edits on the WIP into the computer

Good luck, Anne Marie and Judy.

AnneMarie Novark said...


I'm so glad I'm keeping someone on track. *smiles*

Good luck this week!!!

AnneMarie Novark said...


A day late, a dollar short? *smiles*

Good luck to you, too!!!