Monday, March 08, 2010

BICHOK!!! This week!!!


Monday, Monday . . . hmmm, there's a song there, me thinks. *grins*

Another writing week starts today.  I've already spent the morning doing writerly pursuits, but not any "real" writing. YET!!!

My writing goals for the week:

* Write ONE page on the WIP. Surely, I can manage that.

* Read the novella that needs revising.

* Keep up with online class.

* Keep up with blog.

* Update website.

Here's to a productive week for everyone.

Happy Writing!!!

AM :)


Judy said...

You keep pushing Monday up earlier and earlier...le sigh.

This week:
1) finish and return round #1 of edits for "The Showboat Affair" to editor at LROS
2) continue rewrite on blue diamond thingy--boy did my crit partner have some scathingly brilliant ideas!
3)keep up with blog
4)more on secret project--but things are going slow for now with everything else

AnneMarie Novark said...

Good luck, Judy!!!

I'm peddling madly this week, but can't seem to get anywhere.

Must try harder!!!