Friday, January 29, 2010

TGIF: Check in!!!

It's Friday again!!!  Where did the week go?  Time to check in and see how we did with our goals.

These were my writing goals for the week and how I did:

*  Write  one page a day on the new novella.  YES!!!

*  Write book review.  NO

*  Tidy up notes from online class so they'll be ready for next class in May. YES

*  Prepare for February book signings (mail stuff for goody bags and basket).  YES/NO

*  Update website and blog. YES/NO

I did write one page a day and I'm on page 6.

I finished reading the book, but still need to write the review that is due Feb. 5.

I organized my notes and lessons from the online class.  PLUS I gathered everything to start preparing for a new and different class that I'll be teaching.

Still need to finish preparing for the booksignings.

Still need to make further updates to blog and website.

All in all, a pretty successful week!!!

How did you do?

Have a great weekend and Happy Writing!!!

AM   :)


Emma Lai said...

Well...I've missed my goal of completing my contemporary by the end of January. I didn't have any goals for the week since the little man has kept me up for the past two weeks. I am happy to say I did get some things done though.

Update guest blog schedule.

Schedule guest blogs I've received.

Update web page with latest reviews.

Anne Marie Novark said...

Oh, Emma, that's the life of a mother. At least you got some blog and website "housekeeping" done.

Enjoy these times with baby. They grow up SO fast.

Judy said...

1) book review for Wednesday blog YES
2) format and post guest blog for Friday YES
3) go through the chapters of the "blue diamond" novel already written and organize/line up characters, clues, etc. YES
4) send out story to contest YES
5) survive the week! YES, IN A MANNER OF SPEAKING...

AND I finished the blue diamond thingy at midnight last night!!

Marie Tuhart said...

This week was not a good one for me either. But life happens and I'm not going to get upset about it. I did exercise this week, and get a bit of editing done. Baby steps are sometimes what I need to take - and remember to check in on Fridays.

Anne Marie Novark said...

Yay, Judy!!!

Way to Go!!!

And congrats on finishing the blue diamond story!!!

Anne Marie Novark said...

Hugs, Marie.

Life does happen and good for you for not getting upset.

Yay on the exercise (that's important) and the editing.