Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Spotlight: Mary Alice Pritchard

Today, we have author Mary Alice Pritchard visiting Just Write!  She has two books and three short stories out right now. She also has the sequel to one waiting on a release date and another in edits. She's one busy writer, isn't she?

So, let's ask Mary Alice some questions. . .

~  What kind of stories/books do you write?
I write paranormal romance with suspense thrown in. Mostly shapeshifters.  I do write romantic suspense as well but they usually have some form of paranormal element to them.

~  How long have you been writing?
I’ve written off and on all my life. At least since I was eight years old. I’m not telling you how old I am now.

~   How long have you been writing and seriously pursuing publication?  
I started writing to be published about six years ago.

~  How many manuscripts did you complete before you sold?
Actually only one. It wasn’t even the one I sold. I sold a proposal to a small e-publisher first. Then I sold the one I’d finished.

~  Please tell us about receiving “The Call.”

 Mine was an e-mail. I was ecstatic. I hadn’t expected to sell anything so quickly.

~  To expand on your "Call Story"— What did you do when you got the call or read the email?  Scream?  Faint?
 I re-read it about six times to be sure I understood it. Then I turned my office chair in a circle.
~  How did you feel when you found out you sold?
Amazed, Ecstatic.  I just couldn’t believe I had sold something so quickly. Of course, then, it took a while to sell the next thing. It’s never as easy as you think it will be in the long run.

~  Who was the first person you told?

 My parents. They live with me and I ran over to the house. (I have a separate office next door.)

~   How did you celebrate?
We went out to eat lunch and then browsed an antique store. I bought a porcelain cat statue. I collect cats.


Jaguar Nights
is a cat shifter book in the Tales of the Cat series. Leopard Dreams is the sequel to it.  You can find Jaguar Nights and Ghostly Mistakes, my other paranormal book, at, and They are available in both print and various e-book downloads.
Jaguar Nights by Mary Alice Pritchard

Can the calming energy of a human empath prevent a dangerous, untamed weir leader from destroying his pard? Will Cole be the answer to Syndee’s longing for acceptance and a home, or will he be her destruction?

Be sure and check out my web page at and my blog with my muses, They keep me on track and love to tell what is going on at my place.

Thanks for a great interview, Mary Alice!!!

Happy Writing!!!

AM   :) 


Ann Peake said...

"The Call" stories are always so fun to hear about. Hopefully soon I'll have my own to share.

Emma Lai said...

Great interview ladies! I love that you commemorated the call with a purchase to remember it by.

Skhye said...

I have my own cat statue collection. ;) Great choice of trophy! And I love your cover. I'll have to go hunt down an excerpt. Thanks for sharing your Call story with us. AnneMarie made me tell mine. It was so boring. LOL

darkangelauthor said...

Wonderful interview, Mary Alice -- I love hearing about "the call!"

Congratulations on the upcoming release. :)


Anne Marie Novark said...


I enjoy THE CALL stories, too. It's always fun to hear how people reacted and what they were doing at the time.

Anne Marie Novark said...


I think it was neat how she bought something to help remember the day she received the call.

Anne Marie Novark said...


Your Call story was NOT boring!!! I like how you celebrated by doing the edits and sending them back ASAP!!!

Anne Marie Novark said...

Hey Linda,

Glad you enjoyed Mary Alice's interview!!!