Monday, January 04, 2010

BICHOK: 2010!!!

I don't know about you, but the New Year starts for me today.  Monday is always a good day to begin again, and what better day to start the New Writing Year?

I wish everyone great success with their writing endeavors this year.  I hope this blog will help us to keep on track with our daily writing and consistent output.   May our plots thicken, our characters triumph, our writing sparkle and our sales boom!!!

Here are my writing goals for this week:

1.  Read through the novella one last time and make the final tweaks.

2.  Finish preparing for my online class that starts this coming Friday.

3.  Update my website.

4.  Comment on at least 5 blogs/loops.

What are your writing goals this week?

Happy Writing!!!

AM    :)


Monique DeVere said...

Hiya, Anne Marie!

I never seem to have time for much these days. This week I plan to make more of an effort to keep up with posts. Visit a few blogs, keep on top of crits, finish the last chapter of my latest WIP and send the requested full off to HM&B.

And of course fit all this in between hospital trips for my little girl's chemo.

Hope you meet all your aims this week!


Judy said...

This week I need to:
(1) write a short story and a poem to post on the writing forum I belong to
(2) keep plugging with the rewrite of a novel so it can be sent out yet again
(3) start the novel for WRP's "Jewels of the Night" (blue diamond) crimson challenge
(4) check out a list of magazines to see if I write anything that might make a good submission
(5) write a book review for my blog's regular Wednesday feature
(6) visit MORE roses' blogs!

Will I get it done? Anybody got a wooden spoon or a steel-toed boot?

Emma Lai said...

It's edits for me. Simple enough, right?

Good luck on your goals!

Cate Masters said...

Thanks for the nudge, Anne Marie! I need to update my web site too. Although I started two new WIPs for the new year, I'm going back to a novel I wrote years ago that's very dear to my heart. I'm determined to resubmit it next month!
I try to visit as many blogs as I can during the week, but it's impossible to support everyone. There are so many great ones!
And Monique, I'm so sorry to hear about your little girl! I will keep you both in our prayers.

Anne Marie Novark said...


Sending prayers and positive thoughts your way for you and your little girl. *hugs*

Good luck with your week's goals!!!

AM :)

Anne Marie Novark said...


I'm looking around for my wooden spoon and hubby has some steel-toed boots, so beware!!! *grins*

Much success with your weekly goals!!!

Anne Marie Novark said...


Edits can be challenging!!!

You can do eet!!!

Anne Marie Novark said...

LOL, Cate. I'm good at nudging; my hubby calls it nagging.

Good luck with resubmitting the book of your heart!!!

I'm going to be doing that, too. March 15th is my self-imposed deadline to send it it. I expect everyone here to hold me to it!!!

Anne Marie Novark said...

it, it, it . . .

I meant "to send it IN"!!!


Beth Caudill said...

Hi Anne Marie...what workshop are you teaching. I don't remember seeing one for you on all the announcements I get.


1) Finish 5 blogs for spotlight in February(check just finished before reading your post)

2) Write January Newsletter

3) Local Chapter Secretary stuff (organize files from last year, work on the P&PM before Friday)

4) Create promotional postcard for Healer's Fate.

5) finish flash fiction story before Friday.

6) Two blog entries for this week.

umm, none are really related to my wips, but its stuff that has to get done. But once this stuff is done, I shouldn't have anything interfering with wips.

Mary Ricksen said...

Rewrite, rewrite, rewrite, ya know?

Anne Marie Novark said...

Hey Beth,

I'm teaching Creating a Web Presence for the Techno-Challenged. *grins* It's sponsored by the Lowcountry Romance Writers and will run January 8-22. It's my first online class.

I have several more scheduled during the year. You can check Calendar of Events in the left sidebar on this blog for more information.

Good luck on getting your goals done and getting back to the wips!!!

Anne Marie Novark said...

LOL, Mary!!!


Debra St. John said...

Hi Anne Marie!

I'm going to copy your goal of commenting on several blogs this week. It's been hectic lately, and I don't always find the time to comment or visit.

I'd like to get a chapter of my WIP finished. Not edited and cleaned up, but finished.

Good luck to everyone with their goals.

lainey bancroft said...

Great goals, Anne Marie!

Monique...sending positive vibes your way.

Judy, just so happens I work construction...too bad my steel-toed got traded for snowshoes the last couple days. :0

My goals:
~website updates (new reviews for my LROS release, The Trouble With Tessa, and a coming soon blurb, yay!)
~pre-promo for my Jan. 13th Flower Basket Sweetheart Rose release, Bridesmaid Blues.
~runrunrun with shiny-new-idea! My most favorite part of the writing process. =)

Marie Tuhart said...

Monique, sending good vibes for you and your little girl.

Anne Marie, this week I need to keep writing my 1,750 words a day. I've been doing it first thing in the morning. Which means I take my lunch hour at 6 a.m. instead of noon :)

But that's okay, my brain is much more functional at that time and I'm not so exhausted.

I also going to comment on blogs (like yours) it has to be in the evening after I get home from work, but I'm determined to do it.

Shirley said...

Weekly goals? I find those more difficult to keep.

However, I'm participating in Jano this month, so my goal is to complete 2000 words a day on a new novel I just started. (We only need a little over 1600, but I like to keep ahead just in case).

Christie Craig said...

Great Tips Anne!! Finding the time to get everything done is tough at times.


CJ Parker said...

This week, write at least two chapter on my WIP, try to catch up on my friends' blogs and loose two pounds. LOL

Anne Marie Novark said...

Hey Debra!

It's a good goal to copy. *grin*

Good luck on finishing that chapter!!!

Anne Marie Novark said...


Congrats on the releases!!!

And here's a cheer to urge you to run fast with the shiny new idea!!!

Anne Marie Novark said...


Good for you for keeping up with the 1750 words/day!!!

That's awesome!!!

Anne Marie Novark said...


I have to ask: What is Jano?

I'm guessing it's like NaNo?

Good luck writing 2000 words/day!!!

Anne Marie Novark said...

Hey Christie,

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Anne Marie Novark said...


Good luck with the two chapters and the two pounds!!!

And catching up on the blogs!!!

You can do eet!!!

Anne Marie Novark said...


Happily worked an hour on editing the novella.

Also, dove in and cleaned the house. It's still awful, but a little cleaner. It was stifling my creativity, so I feel much better now.

Happy Writing!!!

Anne Marie Novark said...

Wednesday: Nada

Thursday: Tweaked 3 chapters and I'm almost half-way through the manuscript. WooHoo!!!