Monday, December 07, 2009

Write On!

Another Monday . . . Another week to set writing goals and try what we can to make progress, no matter how little or how small. All progress is good and sets you on the path toward THE END.

This week, I want to:

* Make notes on the new story buzzing around in my head

* Retrieve the hard copy of the novella manuscript from my reader and make appropriate changes

* Work on my online class lessons

* Give the synopsis a few more tweaks

I hope everyone has a productive week!!!

Happy Writing!!!

AM :)


Emma Lai said...

This week I have to finish up two interviews and make CDs for our upcoming book signing.

I also want to do 5 hours of edits.

Judy said...

Great goals, Anne Marie! Best of luck in achieving all of them!

This week I want to:
(1) continue revising the middle/end of "The Face on Miss Fanny's Wall"--I have faith in that novel despite the previous rejections!
(2) Tweak a few parts of a novel of which I've already submitted 3 chapters in case they ask for the complete ms.
(3) Read the new issue of "The Writer".
(4) Continue reading a particular book for TWRP's Crimson Rose "blue diamond" project that I absolutely wasn't going to do but which I can't resist!

Anne Marie Novark said...

Good and worthy goals, Emma.

How did you do with your editing hours last week?

I know with a baby, squeezing out writing time can be super tough.

Anne Marie Novark said...


I love the title: The Face on Miss Fanny's Wall!!! Don't lose faith. You can do it!!!

Good luck with your goals!!!

Emma Lai said...

I failed miserably, but I got a lot of promo stuff done.

Good news...I've finished up the interviews already. Iain's been asleep a good portion of today. Dare I hope it will become a routine?

Anne Marie Novark said...


Promo is important, too. And congrats on finishing those interviews.

Speaking of which--hmmm, I must get mine done soon.

I hope Iain settles down to a mommy-friendly routine soon.

Emma Lai said...

Uh oh. I started another story. Hubby left for work yesterday with the t.v. on SyFy and a brief image captured my imagination. It looks like those editing hours might get redirected. I've already spent an hour on the new story.

Anne Marie Novark said...

WooHoo!!! Emma!!!

New stories are GOOD!!! Those are new pages!!!

Good luck!!!

Anne Marie Novark said...


Retrieved manuscript and got a quick critique of the synopsis. WooHoo!!!

Keep Writing!!!

Sweet Pea said...

My goals for the week:

1) Combine the two pieces of The Drake into one manuscript
2) Compare text to "Save the Cat" beat sheet- determine what's missing
3) Outline for Yuletide story
4) Meet with the ladies for times editing on Sunday night- goal of 25 pages edited

- Alison

Anne Marie Novark said...

Welcome, Alison!!! Great goals!!! Good luck!!!

Happy Writing!!!

Anne Marie Novark said...


Wednesday I didn't get much actually written, but I checked out two books that will help me with my workshop lessons. And I started reading one of them.

Emma Lai said...

I've gotten the first chapter of my contemporary romance polished. Now I'm starting on the synopsis before I go any further so as I polish the rest I stay true to my idea. Woohoo!