Saturday, December 05, 2009

Wrapping up the Week

Well, I keep missing TGIF!!! I have a good excuse, but won't bore you with a lot of details; suffice it to say that I underwent medical tests all day yesterday WITH a sick migraine. Yuck!!! Anyway . . .

I did make some progress in the writing department this week:

* I tweaked and reworked the synopsis until it actually resembles something I can turn in with a proposal. Still needs polishing, though.

* I worked on my online class lessons.

* And while I was recuperating last night, I thought up another story for a Regency novella!!! That is the most exciting thing of all!!! I must jot down some notes today while it's fresh in my mind.

Have a great weekend!!!

AM :)


Judy said...

I'd say you had a productive day!

Emma Lai said...

Well...I failed at the 5 hours of edits last week. I got a whopping half an hour of edits done. But, I did get 10 hours of interviews and promo out of the way. Only four more interviews to do and I'm done for the month. Woohoo!