Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Spotlight: Emma Lai

Today, we have author Emma Lai visiting Just Write!  Her second story, His Hope, Her Salvation, was released on Dec. 16, 2009, and has garnered some great reviews!  Congratulations, Emma!!!

So, let's ask Emma some questions . . .

What kind of stories/books do you write?

~ I write romance and science fiction/fantasy. In the romance genre, I write paranormal, historical and contemporary. I’m also trying my hand at romantic suspense.

How long have you been writing?

~ I’ve been writing romances for the past couple of years. Before that, I was writing term papers. Lots and lots of term papers.

~   How long have you been writing and seriously pursuing publication?

~ I’ve been pursuing publication for the past year. I started after my mother-in-law encouraged me to submit after reading a partial of a young adult sci-fi/fantasy I had started.

How many manuscripts did you complete before you sold?

~ Seriously. You’re going to hate me. One. I sold the first short story romance I completed to the first publishing house I submitted it to.

Please tell us about receiving “The Call.”

~ Since, I write shorts, I had to find a publisher whose guidelines I met. I found The Wild Rose Press in the 2009 Writer’s Guide and liked their business model. So, I submitted His Ship, Her Fantasy and within two weeks, I heard from one of the Senior Editors. She liked the story, but requested some changes. I had to expand the story from 5K to 7.5K and do some other requested edits. Ever heard of show don’t tell? ☺

To expand on your "Call Story"— What did you do when you got the call or read the email?  Scream?  Faint? 

~ I’m sure I squealed and then danced around on one leg.

How did you feel when you found out you sold?

~ Nothing compares to the feeling I experienced when I read the email! It’s quite a sense of accomplishment as far as career achievements go. It was a better feeling than my first job offer and my first raise combined.

Who was the first person you told?

~ My husband. He’s so supportive, and the stories I wrote were for his entertainment originally. Then I told his mother. I wouldn’t be published if not for the two of them.

~   How did you celebrate?

~ Sushi. It’s our common way of celebrating. What I didn’t know at the time was that I was pregnant. Sushi and pregnancy do not agree.

 His Hope, Her Salvation. Now available from The Wild Rose Press.

Promised in marriage to an abusive oaf, Judith resolves to find out if there can be passion without love. Snatches of conversation overheard at the local inn lead her to a mysterious American merchant who might be able to satisfy her carnal curiosity and capture her heart.

Donovan, a Guardian Hunter, is on the trail of a rogue Elysian in Georgian England. As the son of the First Hunter, he long ago gave up hope of finding his heart's mate. When Judith appears in his study, his inner beast and his heart demand he answer her plea for help.

Will their passion answer their hearts' pleas, or will it wither under the threat of reality?

Thanks for a great interview, Emma!!!

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Happy Writing!!!

AM   :)


Anna Kathryn Lanier said...

Hi, Emma and Anne Marie. Great interview. I enjoy learning how other writers work. I have a copy of the newest story, but haven't gotten a chance to read it yet (I loved His Ship, Her Fantasy).

BTW, check out my blog tomorrow (Dec. 31) for a chance to win Emma's story His Ship, Her Fantasy AND Anne Marie's story Her Reclutant Rancher, as well as a few other Roses of Houston's stories.


Emma Lai said...

Thanks for the great questions, Anne Marie! It's been a wonderful year thanks to you and the other Roses of Houston! (Professionally speaking. Personally, no one can compete with Iain! :))

Emma Lai said...

Thanks, Anna Kathryn! Be sure to let me know how you like HIS HOPE, HER SALVATION. I can never have too many reviews!

Emma Lai said...

And for a little fun, I'm giving away 10 eBooks from a list of my personal favorites to one lucky commenter on one of the 10 blogs I've on, hosting, or commented on today.

Phyllis Campbell said...

I love hearing about call stories. I remember when I got my first contract. I was at work. (I work with customers) I wanted to cry I was so happy. Instead I squealed...then I cried. lol

I see you want to try your hand at writing suspense. I always mix a little in my stories. It's soooo fun!!!


Judy said...

I really enjoyed your interview. I love the cover of this book also. I seem to always like your covers!! I have also read His Ship, Her Fantasy and really enjoyed it.

Wow!! 10 books you are giving away. I am going to try and get by to the blogs!!

Emma Lai said...

Phyllis, action I can do, but suspense is a tad more challenging.

Emma Lai said...

Thanks, Judy! I'm glad you enjoyed HSHF. I love my covers as well!

Lynne Roberts said...

OH, I love this story. Great interview.

I'm wishing you much, much success, Emma! I'm so looking forward to reading HHHS!


Emma Lai said...

Thanks, Lynne! I hope you enjoy HHHS.

Debra St. John said...

Hi Emma and Anne! Nice interview. Call stories are always fun to hear...thanks for sharing yours, Emma!

Emma Lai said...

Thanks for visiting, Debra! Glad you enjoyed the post.

Mary Ricksen said...

I just finished His Hope Her Salvation. I loved it. I really have to admit I got a bit annoyed. It was much too short for my liking! It just started and then bam done! It was fantastic, I felt as if I'd read the first chapter and it was over. :0(
I couldn't have put it down if I had to. It was that good Emma. I am so impressed and waiting for more!!
I loved it!!!!

Emma Lai said...

Glad you enjoyed it, Mary! And the news for the day? *Drum roll* I'm writing The End on Eallair's story.

Marie Tuhart said...

Great interview, Emma. It's always great to see how other writers work, how they got the call, and how long they've been writing.


Anne Marie Novark said...

I want to thank Emma for a great interview!!! You are such a talented author. Good luck in the New Year!!!

I haven't read HHHS yet, but if it's anything like HSHF, I know it will be awesome!!!

Anna, I'll be sure to check out your blog tomorrow. Thanks for the plug!!!

Phyllis, I know the feeling of wanting to cry with happiness!!! Ain't it grand?

Judy, Aren't Emma's covers awesome!!! They are just gorgeous.

Lynne, Thanks for stopping by!!!

Debra, So glad you enjoyed Emma's Call story.

LOL Mary!!! I agree that Emma's stories are too short. She always leaves us wanting more, which is good. *grins*

Marie, Glad you stopped by.

Happy New Year!!! and

Happy Writing!!!

AM :)

Emma Lai said...

Thanks, Marie!

Jana Richards said...

Hi Emma,
I'm a little late with my comment but I wanted to say hi. Congratulations on all the success you've had this past year.

And yes, I hate you just a little bit for selling the first thing you ever wrote! All the best and continued happy writing.


Emma Lai said...

It's never too late, Jana! As for hating me a little, well if it makes you feel any better, I live in fear of suddenly finding out that my writing is a fluke and one day I'm going to be found out. :)

Cate Masters said...

Great interview, Emma and Anne Marie. I loved His Ship, Her Fantasy and your new release is on my TBR list too. Congrats on your writing success, which you're obviously meant for if you sold your first story! Wishing you all the best in the coming year and beyond.