Monday, November 23, 2009

If I Build it, Will They Come?

 I certainly hope so.  *grin*

I've decided I'm going to ease into this blog, especially since I'm famous for lurking everywhere else on the web.  Those who know me, know what I'm talking about.

Writers are notorious for making excuses for not writing.  Prepubs get pulled into the contest circuit and polish the first three chapters over and over again.  Authors get caught up in promotion, sometimes to the exclusion of everything else.  We tend to forget that a great story or book is our most important and effective promotional tool.

So this blog is dedicated to helping writers get back to writing.  Those who are familiar with my twice-yearly writathons (April Madness and October Obsession) know how support and encouragement can spur you on to write and write some more.

Here's how I see this blog working:

Mondays are going to be the start to a new writing week.  I'll post on Write On! Monday, stating my goals for the week.  I hope other writers will join me and state their goals and intentions, too.  During the course of the week,  we'll check in and report how we're doing.  And on TGIF, we'll see how we all did.  Weekend writers will do this on Friday, then Monday.

It's important to understand that any writing is progress.  If it's only one sentence, then so be it.  It's one more sentence you have that you didn't have before.  Books are written one word at a time.

I'm also thinking about having authors blogging every other Wednesday in the Wednesday Spotlights.  I love to hear how authors received The Call, so that's what I would like my guest bloggers to post about.  On the other Wednesdays, I'll post about my favorite writing resources, reference books,  craft books, favorite quotes, etc.

I envision this as a place for writers to hang out.  If someone needs help on a plot point or characterization, we could brainstorm.  The possibilities are endless.  Suggestions are always welcomed and encouraged.

Happy Writing!!!

Anne Marie   :)

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